Family Pic

Family Pic

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Wounds

So I just got done at the doctors office & he took off the bandages for the first time since my surgery on Wednesday. It was so nasty, I decided I had to post the pics. By the way, this blog is courtesy of Mom (actually Grandpa Lee & his office). I don't want to forget cousin Paul who offered to be my photographer. In this first pic, you can really see the bruising on my foot. Notice how white my leg is compared to my foot. Eww.
Here's where the nastiness starts. That's the incision he made to cut my bunion out. It pretty much hurts, like bad! You can also see the little stitches on my little toes, cause he released my hammertoes, just a small incision so that my toes would lay flat

Here's a look from the top. Still very swollen & quite painful. I thought I needed the Vicodin before. I was just informed this morning that the numbing meds he gave me for surgery are just now wearing off, so I thought I had it bad before, ha! Take that!!
Now, to help ease your stomach, a picture of a McDonald's ice cream cone. Apparently, Paul likes to take pics of ice cream cones in his spare time, cause i'm pretty sure those are his fingers, Krista, you may need to confirm. By the way Krista, are you aware he leaves the office to sneak in ice cream cones?


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

At least your toenails look cute...can't wait until all those bruises turn a nice shade of yellow/green. Talk about foreplay ;)

The Gage Cage said...

Are you allowed to wear high heals any more? I CAN'T live with out high heals! That doesn't look comfortable at all. I hope everything gets back to normal soon and it was worth it.

If I know anything it that I NEVER know what Paul is up to. BUT I KNOW I CAN TRUST HIM! He is a GOOD man in every way!!!

Idaho Pascoes said...

That does not look like fun AT ALL! And what the heck are bunions anyway?
At least with being off your feet so much gives you plenty of time to read! So how is it? Do you love it or what?

Coronado's said...

As I looked at your first picture, I was thinking, "nasty, she's got stitches on her toes too" but then figured I was just imagining it. Nope! I have hammerhead toes like you (did) and am now convinced it doesn't look like something I "need" to have fixed.