Family Pic

Family Pic

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New to Me Mommy Ride & Some Cute Pics

Since the Mustang wasn't Jake friendly, we had to part ways.

Wasn't she purdy? It was a sad day in the Silva house. So hard to let her go, so many wonderful memories we shared. I hope you enjoy your new owner. I'll always have a special place in my heart for you.
After we parted ways, we lived with one car for a week. That was long enough for me. I'm spoiled, I'll admit. Getting Mario to work by 8am was causing both Jake and I massive headaches. So that's when we got this tough little guy.

Since I couldn't justify the Yukon with only 1 child, we got this, the Nissan Rogue, a mini suv. It fits us good & I don't have to break my back to get the car seat in.
In other news. Thanks to those of you who voted for Jake on Facebook, but he didn't win. He didn't even come close. I think the winning baby cheated. With that said, I wanted to post some pictures of my little one, because I feel the need to show Saint Agnes what they missed out on.

One of my favorite moments, holding little bubbas while he sleeps.

I take him out of the car, to find out that he's pulled off his sock & left it on his shoulder. Sorry Jake, I thought you might want socks when it's freezing outside.

Isn't this just the cutest outfit? Thanks again Crystal, it's so perfect for cold days like today!
My outdoorsie boy. Who took his first trip to Millerton Lake for a picnic.

My good little eater (when he had hair)

Don't worry buddy, you can live with me forever! I love these smiling pics, they don't come very often.
I can't even believe how big he's gotten, he's gonna be 6 months old tomorrow! He's already starting to crawl & getting his bottom teeth. I love that he's so playful now, but I can't help but miss the little baby he was when I see other little ones when I'm out. He's officially sleeping much better now (in his own room), and only wants to eat a couple times at night, as opposed to every couple hours (which wasn't that long ago). Thanks Jake for letting us have our bed back :)