Family Pic

Family Pic

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Taste of the City

To remind me of our wonderful honeymoon & subway (not the Jared one) adventures...
and Mario's dream come true of attending a Yankees game, in matching apparel of course...

I bought this for our living room
After many wrong turns, and uptown & downtown, we FINALLY figured out that the letters, numbers, and colors really do stand for something, imagine that?! :)
**No Red Sox fans allowed**

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday Hike to Redwood Canyon

This last Saturday, we went with Mom, Uncle Paul, and a couple of his church members up to the Sequoia's to go hiking. It was free this weekend to get into the parks, that was just an added bonus. I had to get up earlier than ever (5:45am!), because hiking or not, I do NOT leave the house without makeup. I'm kinda prissy like that ;) I've been on this hike before, probably 10 years ago, and really forgot how pretty it was. It was a fantastic way to spend our Saturday, although, I could have done without the cross country part (capris & running shoes; not the best for deviating from the trail), but I guess 2 scratches isn't too bad. It reminded me of when we would all go backpacking in the summer. Back when we didn't have to work, or when hikes like that didn't wind us after 5 minutes. Yea, good times :) Looks like we've found ourselves a new hobby. We're really excited to do a day hike again, but will have to do some research. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1 Year Down, A Whole Bunch More to Go

I have so many wonderful things to say about marriage, but that would be boring. No one wants to hear about cuddle time, or how we share practically every meal we eat together. If you want that, you could just turn on the Hallmark channel or something. I'm here speaking the truth :) So, it's been just over a year, and we still haven't got this marriage thing down. He can't do the dishes right, and I can't keep my side of the bathroom clean. He leaves his clothes wherever it is that he took them off (living room floor, couch, doesn't matter), and I go through the house picking them all up while cursing under my breath :) I guess we just haven't quite adjusted yet. I do SO pray for that day to come (sooner than later please!).

Of all the things I want to move on from for this first year, I will definitely miss being "newlyweds." There's just something about American's loving newlyweds & we took full advantage of it. From the morning after our wedding & getting free Starbucks, to getting a major discount at our hotel for our anniversary trip, I will miss it all dearly. But I definitely look forward to the next many years of perfecting our relationship & hopefully a lot less yelling :)

Here's the pics of our trip that we took late April. We stayed a night in LA to watch cousin Kevin perform at the Magic Castle. AWESOME!! From L to R: Mario, Me, Mom, Grandpa Lee, Dad, Donnie, Kevin & Aunt Peggie. We all got together for dinner before the show.
Since we couldn't take any pics inside the castle, this is the only one I have from that night.
The next night we were in San Diego & ate at this fantastic pub (some British thing), with the best fish & chips, hands down.

The next day we went to Sea World. When we were planning our trip, we decided on San Diego because we thought it'd be warm. Notice how almost all our pics we have sweaters on!

You can't go to Sea World without seeting the Shamu show! Or a huge horse (?)

Mar tried to catch a bunny

The next day was our anniversary, and we drove to La Jolla. Beautiful, but packed! Took us forever to find a parking spot, and when we did we only had an hour to shop (in a bunch of stores we wouldn't even afford to look in, let alone go in). So we drove down to the beach & took some pics. I heart these pics, so pretty...

That night we celebrated with Sushi, as if you didn't already know! Good thing I brought my little back dress...

On our last day we went to the Wild Animal Park. Neither one of us had been there, so that was kinda nice. I'll put those in a slide, since there's a million pics. But I had to show this one seperate. I think they moved King Julian from Madagascar to SD. I bet he's just sitting there thinking, "I'm just better than you".

After all that, I still got the final rose :)