Family Pic

Family Pic

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday Hike to Redwood Canyon

This last Saturday, we went with Mom, Uncle Paul, and a couple of his church members up to the Sequoia's to go hiking. It was free this weekend to get into the parks, that was just an added bonus. I had to get up earlier than ever (5:45am!), because hiking or not, I do NOT leave the house without makeup. I'm kinda prissy like that ;) I've been on this hike before, probably 10 years ago, and really forgot how pretty it was. It was a fantastic way to spend our Saturday, although, I could have done without the cross country part (capris & running shoes; not the best for deviating from the trail), but I guess 2 scratches isn't too bad. It reminded me of when we would all go backpacking in the summer. Back when we didn't have to work, or when hikes like that didn't wind us after 5 minutes. Yea, good times :) Looks like we've found ourselves a new hobby. We're really excited to do a day hike again, but will have to do some research. Any suggestions?


Older and Wisor said...

Hiking? For FUN? When it comes to the outdoors, I am sooooo not a Gage.

bretandjulie said...

Glad you enjoyed it. It is my Dad's favorite hike! I bet he can't even count the number of times he has done it. I enjoyed the pictures, makes me wish I was there too!