Family Pic

Family Pic

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What We've Been Up To

I've been dying to post some pics, and since someone wants to be held all the time, it's been difficult. But that's okay, I don't mind it :)

Addy loves her baby cousin, it's the cutest thing

You know you're spoiled when you sleep through Christmas with this many gifts! Someone's loved.

And besides being held, he loves to spend his time crying. Or pooping, which has given him the nickname "Little Pooper".

Proud daddy

"No more pics please!"

This was our family picture at Angela & Charlie's wedding. I wish I had more pics, but when you're in the wedding, or have a child hanging off your boob, it's sometimes a bit difficult.
My handsome little guy :) Happy 6 weeks today Jakey!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Jake!

This is Jake Tyler Silva, born on 11/18/10 at 0023. He was 7lbs 14oz, and 20 1/2 inches long.

I think his eyes are blue, but his pediatrician said they're not. Either way, they're perfect!

First family photo just after delivery

Very proud daddy. Mario is so good with him.

I'm not mad in this pic, maybe just a little tired

On Friday, his first day home! Mom & Dad put a sign & balloons out to welcome him :)

Jake & Grandma

Cousin love. Addy finally has a cousin, whom she calls Brick.

I wish I had more time to blog/discuss, but he's screaming as I type. So I'll leave you with this video, I hope it works (with sound

Monday, November 8, 2010

All Ready

Just need a baby & a name. We've got the crib together, all his toys organized, plenty of diapers, he's even got more clothes than I do! I hope he stays "3m" for enough time to at least wear everything once. Here's the rocker with his crib, and his safari themed bedspread. The crib has a lot goin on.

Here's his super cute "lamb" swing. I can't wait to take his picture in it, it's furry with lamb ears at the top, so cute. His play pen in the back. And all his stuff on the desk to the left. It looks completely chaotic. It's more of an organized disaster.

He's even got a pretty good collection of stuffed animals.

I got this as part of a gift for my bday. Isn't that sweet?

We even had a baby shower at Saint Agnes. Mario's department threw a party for us, how awesome is that? We didn't take any pics of the gifts, but we got some adorable clothes, some bath stuff & then they all pitched in for a Target gift card. We totally scored. His department is awesome! I did get a pic of us, and a pic of the cake, how cute :)

12 more days until he's due! I type that both excitedly & nervously. I've been off of work for a couple of weeks now, and it has been such a blessing. I've been able to get so much done, as you can see from his room. But I do hope he waits at least 12 more days before he makes his debut. Seems like every task I complete I'm adding a new one to the list.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Khristie's Gift

I wanted to share with you guys the awesome things that Khristie sent for the baby. Since they didn't make it in time for the shower, I couldn't show 'em to those of you who were able to make it. I love these hooded towels that she made, mainly because I don't have any towels for him yet. So that worked out perfectly!

And how super cute are these onesies?! You're so clever :) I LOVE THEM & can't wait to put him in them!

What great gifts, thank you so much Khristie!

I got some other amazing gifts at the shower that I want to share, I'm just waiting to get some pics in for a post of that.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Littlest Guitar Hero

One of our most favoritest things to do when we have company over is play Guitar Hero. Because really, it's good times had by all. Here's Addy playing AFI with her Uncle Mar. Like two peas in a pod.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Nursery

We finally picked out a color for the nursery, and ended up going with a mint-y color. I think it looks beautiful. I really thought that if we found out he was going to be a boy I was just gonna do everything blue, but after going shopping, there's just not much cute blue stuff. I couldn't really find a theme I liked that was blue, and I completely fell in love with all the baby animal prints. I wasn't really sure how I felt about the mint color, but we saw it in a store paired with some animals and it looked super cute. So here's the before pics of the room...
And here's some after pics.
I realize it's hard to see the color, but you can kinda tell. It's definitely not so bright. That desk is going to double as his changing table, so that's going to save us some money! I can't wait to put the crib together and put the room together so I can post more pics. Until then, here's a new belly pic...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Update

So this little guy (isn't that the cutest pic?)is in this bellytotal weight gain? Well, we wont talk about that.
Things are going well with us. I wish I had something exciting to post other than more ultrasound pics, but that's exiting too :) I haven't posted any after pics of the house because we haven't done anything to it. My bad. However, I did buy kitchen curtains, so I don't feel so "country" now. They certainly don't compete with Khristie's, so I really can't post 'em now!
We had an awesome housewarming party last month, but I have no pics to prove it, so can't post those. But we got some really awesome gifts!
We plan on painting the nursery soon, so maybe I'll bust out the camera for that. We've got a safari theme going, so we're looking for some cute greens/browns for that. Very exciting!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Only Time I'll Get Away With Posting a Picture of a Penis

This is our baby boy! Well, at least the part that show's he's a boy :) That's basically a view looking up, so his legs on either side of it, and his butt on the right.
I didn't have high expectations of this appointment, being that the first ultrasound lasted all of about 10 minutes, just enough to get a picture of the baby and make sure there was only one of 'em. This time was a totally different story. We got to watch him for a good 45 minutes. He was very awake and active, it was so much fun.
Here's his hand

Spinal cord with the head

His cute little face, belly, and his hand. We got to see him sucking & sticking his tongue out, adorable!

His feet. Toes are on the left, heel on the right in each pic

And his face again. His arm/hand is just to the left of his head, like he's just relaxing :)
I'm almost half way thru being pregnant (almost 19 weeks)! And I feel wonderful. I'm so happy to be done being sick so I can enjoy food again. It's not the same, but at least I can eat again, and not just limit myself to crackers.
So now it's time to paint the nursery blue & go shopping! I'm so excited. Any suggestions on the paint? I'm not really diggin the idea of 4 blue walls...
And no names yet, as Mario has forbidden the name Brick :(

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There's Nothing to do When You're Locked in a Vacancy

John Bender's words are really hitting home right now. Work is so slow, I can barely contain myself. I've emailed all my friends, looked up a million different cribs, read books & magazines, what else is this place gonna pay me to do? My headphones don't work well, so music is out of the question. I wish I was tired, I'd take a nap. I really need to take a walk, but since I work in the ghetto Mario says absolutely not. I guess he doesn't want me getting assaulted by a homeless person.
Is there really anything worse than being somewhere for 8+ hours with nothing to, while you have a laundry list of stuff to take care of elsewhere? I could be painting my living room, since yes, it's still hideous paneling. I could be sipping a Slurpee next to the pool working on my tan. Better yet, I could be at Target.

I suppose that's all for now. I guess no one is coming to my housewarming party since I haven't received any RSVPs :( More food for me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby Bump

Should I be concerned that the ipod says Lexi (or Brick) is the size of a naval orange but my tummy looks like I'm stealing a frozen turkey from Savemart? At least the people who matter know I'm pregnant, and all the strangers who look at my stomach like I need to go on a diet can bugger off :) And Liz, we're defenitely related because I feel like I've totally gained in every part of my body. This is week 14 photo, taken on Saturday. About 6 more weeks & I'm bustin out either fushia pink or blue paint. Can't wait!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home, Almost Sweet, Home

After submitting our first offer last July, 10 months later, this

is finally ours!

And after all the problems we’ve had, I’m wondering if it was all worth it. As I type this, Mario is at the house with a plumber draining our pipes, and what little is left in our bank account.

Let me give you a tour. The “before” tour, since no, I don’t plan to live in such filth.

The living room with horrible paneling, I plan to paint that a green color, at some point.

The kitchen, which still looks just as messy, my bad.

The hall bath with beautiful blue tile, I dig it.

Master bedroom which currently has no carpet since at one point it was under water.

Master shower, bring your friends, we’ll have a party.

And last, the one thing that will save me from Fresno’s blazing summer months.

I don’t want to say where it is on the blog, but for those of you who remember where Uncle Paul lives, we’re just one street south of him, in the same neighborhood. So if you’re in the ‘hood, stop by & say hi :)