Family Pic

Family Pic

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Update

So this little guy (isn't that the cutest pic?)is in this bellytotal weight gain? Well, we wont talk about that.
Things are going well with us. I wish I had something exciting to post other than more ultrasound pics, but that's exiting too :) I haven't posted any after pics of the house because we haven't done anything to it. My bad. However, I did buy kitchen curtains, so I don't feel so "country" now. They certainly don't compete with Khristie's, so I really can't post 'em now!
We had an awesome housewarming party last month, but I have no pics to prove it, so can't post those. But we got some really awesome gifts!
We plan on painting the nursery soon, so maybe I'll bust out the camera for that. We've got a safari theme going, so we're looking for some cute greens/browns for that. Very exciting!!


Bob & Khristie said...

Your little boy DOES look so cute already! I have a gift for him, so give me some advanced notice on the baby shower so I can get it in the mail on time.

I'm sure my mom would love to come make you curtains too - just catch her before school starts! Seriously, they would not even resembled what they do now if she hadn't done most of the work. =)

Happy Makeover-ing!!!

Tad and Jennifer said...

You look great! Soo much fun is coming your way. Only 3 more months. Good luck decorating!