Family Pic

Family Pic

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm on my way!

I would like to thank my way cute kitty Mystie for modeling my Twilight ticket for tonight. We saw Bolt last night, which was pretty cute, and noticed the huge lines for Twilight. We decided to go early today to get our tickets, so that's one less line we'll have to stand in. I'm kinda bummed by all the negative reviews I've read. I hope it's good. Just another 3 hours to go, I hope I can stay awake!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Hate to Rain on my own Parade, but...

I'm NOT pregnant. We're not even trying. Let this be a lesson to everyone, if Paul ever finds out your password, change it immediately!! And it is true, poor Donnie & Meg did come over to congratulate me this morning. So messed up!! Sorry to disappoint, although I have a feeling some of you already were in on this.

Wonderful Grandpa

I have the best Grandpa in the world. He had his office make a picture of what I have in store for me.

She has Mario's chin I think

I haven't quite decided on the name if it s a boy. I'm thinking Lee , Lamar or my personal favorite Paul. If it's a girl I'm naming her Donna Cheryl or my personal favorite Paula.

I am so excited to have Mar rub my feet for hours on end. It will be so worth it. Donnie & Meg were so excited and came by to congratulate me this morning. Addyson will definitely have a cousin to play with soon.

Guess What

As you all know Mario has been baby hungry for a while now......he is getting an early Christmas present this year. We just found out that we are expecting. I'm about 5 weeks along. The little one will be delivered around late July or early August. I am scared out of my mind but very excited! Mario could not be happier. Any advice out there? What should I expect? Did I mention that I am expecting?!? I guess I will have to become the Queen with the little prince or princess on the way.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And I Normally Don't Like You, Monday

Even though everyday seems like a Friday to me anyways, I still don't like Monday's. I blame it mainly on Professors who thought they were giving us all a break making our papers/exams/projects due on Monday instead of ANY other day. No one wants to waste a good weekend of college parties studying. So yesterday (Monday), was brother Donnie's 28th Bday, old man! Mario had the day off, so we decided to take Donnie balloons to work to cheer him up since he had to work. That's him hiding behind his awesome Star Wars Darth Vader balloon. After we dropped off the balloons, we had lunch at Costco (great when you're on a budget), and then to McDonalds to get an ice cream cone. While waiting in the drive-thru, I was looking at this pic I have from a few years ago of Me & Mar that has been in my wallet (under one of the pic proctector sleeve things) since about the time it was taken. I decided to pull it out to look at it closely, since I was amazed at how much fatter we have gotten since (as I'm waiting for my ice cream, mind you). After I pulled it out I noticed there was something green behind it. I pulled it out, unfolded it, and had to pick my mouth up from my lap when it was 2, $100 bills. Seriously, how awesome is that? I can not for the life of me remember when or why they would have been there, but talk about a blessing. Just in time for Christmas, when I'm still collecting disability, which isn't a whole lot, but I'm greatful it's better than nothing. At this point I'm totally stoked. So later that night, we went next door to Donnie's for some cake & ice cream & Addy was so cute. This is her playing peek-a-boo with her Uncle Mar. She would put her head down on the couch & she would come up for him to tell her "peek-a-boo", look at me, wait for the flash of the camera, and do it all over again. She's such a doll, and a little ham. All in all, what a great way to spend a day. So Monday, you haven't made the top of my list, but you're no longer my least favorite.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 Bits of Random

Since Rebecca said I need a new post, here goes. I've gotta come up with 7 things that you probably don't know about me. I can't remember all that I've blogged about, so these 7 things may already be known. If so, let me apologize now, I'm not the most interesting person :)

Numero Uno- Lately I've been on this Twilight kick at home. Mario gets quizzed on almost a daily basis about a book he hasn't read, and will never read, but has agreed to see the movie because it's dark, and I just happend to tell him there's vamps involved. At any random moment I ask, "Mar, who's Bella" or "Who's Jacob". I'm making him a shirt for the premier that says "Team Bella" :)
Numero Dos- Yes, I speak Spanish. Kinda. Not really. I took 4 years in middle school & high school combined, and can hold my own a little in a conversation, as long as you keep it on a 2nd grade level or so. Mario is fluent, so sometimes we have meaningless conversations in Espanol, just for the fun of it.
Numero Tres- My most favorite candy ever is Peanut Butter M&Ms, but I am willing to accept anything chocolate with peanut butter. Can you imagine what my pantry will look like when I'm pregnant? Hopefully a Jiffy & Hershey's factory.
Numero Cuatro- Since we're on the subject of eating...I could (would) eat cereal for all of my meals. I used to eat boxes like it was my job before I signed up to be a wife. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch (known in my house as CTC) & other healthier things like Chex.
Numero Cinco- I LOVE watching cop/law enforcement shows on TV. Right now, as I type, Lock Up is on. It's a show where they go to different prison facilities and make documentaries on them (for those who may not know). They're always in CA, especially at Corcoran. In college I went with my friend (another student) to the facility for a report we had to do. It was serious excitement. Such a rush to be within feet of people serving time in prison for terrible crimes. Now that you all think I'm a freak :) lets move to...
Numero Seis- I live in a home with no cable tv, no internet service, and no landline. I DO realize that it's almost 2009. We don't even have a pet :( How do I feel about all of the above you ask? I'm SO happy, seriously. I still have my shows that I can't live without, but I'm so pleased that we have managed to live without these luxuries. The upside is having a little extra money at the end of the month to treat ourselves. We love sushi, and just going out to dinner in general, so it all works itself out.
Numero Siete- I seriously have the best husband ever. This, I know I have raved about before. I could write a novel on this subject, but I'm still a newlywed, so I feel like I have an excuse (and that I kinda just have to talk about it). As I was in here (Mom & Dad's office room)typing, Mario came in here put his arms around me, gave me a kiss & told me he loved me. There's nothing better than the sweet moments like that. If this is my reward for having to wait 4 long years of dating then I would do it all over again, if not, i'm still pissed it took him that long!

I pass the fun of this post along to Meg, Liz, & Holly, now it's your turn!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Fish For Me :(

Since I have been off from work, I don't think I've gotten up before 8am more than just a couple times. We can go ahead and add yesterday to that list. I decided to go fishing with my dad, and my uncle Doug, since he's got a boat, cause fishing off the edge of a lake is so 1985. We went to Millerton Lake, only about 20 minutes away. Talk about a nice day though. For the most part, it was sunny (obviously not the time the pics below were taken). So for the 4 or so hours we were out there, I got 1 bite, 1 BITE!!! It wasn't even anything promising, in fact, it was probably just another fish playing with the fish on my hook. Leave it to Uncle Doug, the hunting guru to get the only fish. He actually hooked another one, but it got away, with his $15 lure :( Don't be fooled, there's 2 pics, but they're the same fish. 8lbs, 10 oz, not too shabby! Good thing I made other plans for dinner, btw, Taco Bell has a great new triple steak burrito :p

Monday, November 3, 2008

Car Show

Otherwise titled, 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. You know how sometimes you do things stricktly to make your spouse happy, this was one of those occassions for me. Lucky for me, Dad came with us, so he & Mario got to have father-son-in-law bonding time (since Mom decided not to attend). I guess I can't complian to much, because it is kinda fun to check out brand new cars, since who wouldn't like to have a new car, right? They had a bunch of reps from some of the leading companies out right now, with even more new cars on display, even some cool looking concepts. FYI, this was downtown at the Convention Center.
I didn't take many pics, but here's one of Mario & his dream car, a Dodge Challenger.
Personally, I like the thought of going green. I want a 2-door Yaris, or a new Smart Car (not pictured). Atleast until we have children ::cringe::
But I guess I could settle for something a little less green. Perhaps this Ferrarri? It would look way cute in my garage :)Until then, I'll settle for my Pony. Just as long as gas is under $3/gallon, hopefully it'll stay that way!