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Family Pic

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Fish For Me :(

Since I have been off from work, I don't think I've gotten up before 8am more than just a couple times. We can go ahead and add yesterday to that list. I decided to go fishing with my dad, and my uncle Doug, since he's got a boat, cause fishing off the edge of a lake is so 1985. We went to Millerton Lake, only about 20 minutes away. Talk about a nice day though. For the most part, it was sunny (obviously not the time the pics below were taken). So for the 4 or so hours we were out there, I got 1 bite, 1 BITE!!! It wasn't even anything promising, in fact, it was probably just another fish playing with the fish on my hook. Leave it to Uncle Doug, the hunting guru to get the only fish. He actually hooked another one, but it got away, with his $15 lure :( Don't be fooled, there's 2 pics, but they're the same fish. 8lbs, 10 oz, not too shabby! Good thing I made other plans for dinner, btw, Taco Bell has a great new triple steak burrito :p

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The Gage Cage said...

That is one BIG fish! Don't worry that you didn't catch a're already married....that was one dumb joke. Oh well. you better off just you you don't have to gut and descale the thing. I go fishing at Costco. they have great catches there!