Family Pic

Family Pic

Monday, October 12, 2009

Trip to the City of Hope

Mom, Dad, Mario & I went down to the City of Hope for the day this last Saturday to visit with Aunt Peggie. Check out our sweet get-up! We had to be completely covered at all times so we couldn't spread any germies. Poor Aunt Peggie, she was so sick when we went :( Here I am probably breaking all the rules laying in her bed, but she needed cuddle time.

Mario being difficult sideways
Since she wouldn't let me shave her head, I decided to french braid it. Maybe next time :)

This picture with Mom was taken when she was first admitted. Probably why she looks a little happier!Mom with Dad looking so excited to have his picture taken.
And just look at her empty board! If anyone makes it down to visit, make sure you take something to put on it. She needs pics to look at!!

We also made a stop at the Blood Center there and all donated for her. When you donate there, they keep all the blood in house for the cancer patients, which is awesome, I think. Then for donating we got a coup for a free pint of Baskin Robins ice cream, and a mug, totally worth it :)

I know you still have a couple weeks left down there, but hurry home!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back in Action, Baby

Got the internet fixed, yay! What does that mean exactly? I have like 3 hours worth of blogs to read. But I'm serious about my blogging. So if you're on my blogroll, rest assured, I will read all of your entries. Pinky swear. Then maybe I can post some real entries of my own :D

Before I end this & start gettin' busy :) I wanted to touch on Aunt Peggie real quick. I'm not on Facebook (not cool enough), so I'm not sure what exactly she's posted. She went in yesterday to the City of Hope down south (Duarte?) to start chemo. I called the blood bank to check on donating, and they no longer give people "credits" for blood donations. Boo! But I thought I'd remind you all in the importance of donating blood :) Don't know if you're getting on the internet in the hospital Aunt Peggie, but I hope you're kickin butt! And I hope I can schedule some time to make it down to see you. Love ya!