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Family Pic

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back in Action, Baby

Got the internet fixed, yay! What does that mean exactly? I have like 3 hours worth of blogs to read. But I'm serious about my blogging. So if you're on my blogroll, rest assured, I will read all of your entries. Pinky swear. Then maybe I can post some real entries of my own :D

Before I end this & start gettin' busy :) I wanted to touch on Aunt Peggie real quick. I'm not on Facebook (not cool enough), so I'm not sure what exactly she's posted. She went in yesterday to the City of Hope down south (Duarte?) to start chemo. I called the blood bank to check on donating, and they no longer give people "credits" for blood donations. Boo! But I thought I'd remind you all in the importance of donating blood :) Don't know if you're getting on the internet in the hospital Aunt Peggie, but I hope you're kickin butt! And I hope I can schedule some time to make it down to see you. Love ya!

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kevin and crystal said...

Glad your back up and running. Thanks for the update on Peggy.