Family Pic

Family Pic

Friday, August 29, 2008

Newby Blogger

What a disease this blogging business is. It sucks you in, and it just spreads like crazy, but definitly in a good way, not in a bad disease kinda way. Incase there may be a single person out there who misses my brother, Meg has created a blog for all to see. I know many of you have not met her, but stop by the site and check it out, I'm sure she's love to get to know the family. She just added some cute pics of their little girl Addyson. I'll even make it easy on you, here's the link :)

For the Record

The pic in the previous post IS real. We really did meet the Senator at a WWII (I think) museum (hence the tank), in London. So for all of you (Richie) thinking I got creative with it, I didn't. Here's another pic with the gang all squeezed in. And in case you don't recognize the fam; from L to R: Mom, Grandpa Lee, me with bad highlights, cousin Kevin, our next Pres, cousin Kristin, and Aunt Peggie.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

McCain-Silva 2008

Catchy, right? I mean, I could be the VP. Is it really that much harder than babysitting criminals all day? Plus, I think I compliment the Senator. He's old, I'm young, he's a man, I'm a woman, he owns like 12 houses, I don't even own 1, etc, etc (you get the point). So below is the official campaign photo. Hey, if Paris can do it, so can I! We'd appreciate your vote in November.I'm Kristi Silva, and I approved this blog post :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Fabulous Honeymoon

So I finally got arond to making a post from the honeymoon. Here's how it went...Mario & I left for our honeymoon the Sunday after our wedding. We figured we would use Saturday to pack and get everything ready, and relax for a minute before we were on the go again. We were scheduled to leave Fresno at 7am to fly to Boston, with a short stop in Utah (I think). So much for that plan. Our 7am flight was cancelled, which was wonderful in so many ways, the first being we didn't even get to sleep until 2am because we were STILL packing, and had to get up again by about 5am or so to get to the airport on time for our flight. Second, it was our honeymoon, which really should be first, but I value my sleep. So, from about 7am-11am, I was on the phone trying my hardest to get us out of Fresno so we could start our honeymoon. I was begging them to fly us anywhere, as long as we could get into Boston that Sunday night, but as luck would have it, no airport in the country was flying into Boston that afternoon/night that we could make a connecting flight too. We finally agreed to fly into Denver that afternoon, spend the night there, only to turn around the next morning to fly into Boston, and lose only 1 of 2 days we were spending there. By the way, this really devistated me. Only a few times in my life have I ever had flight delays, and they never turned out this bad. After some tears and pleading that "this is our honeymoon", the airline manager put us up in a nice Denver hotel, gave us $36 in meal vouchers for dinner & breakfast, and gave us $300 credit towards a future trip. We were grateful, but would definitly have chosen our original plan to that. So here's a brief recap of the honeymoon documented with some pretty pics :)

Mario & I having dinner at a cute little Pub in Boston. We had fish & chips & some chowdah (of course)

We did not pack accordingly for the weather. It rained the whole time!! This is somewhere in the city, almost looks fake

We ventured up to the top of the Prudential Building for this pic, down below are all of the cute little apartment homes, made of brick of course

Mario in his fave past time, driking energry drinks & eating hot dogs. This was on the Amtrak we took from Boston to New York. It was nice & quiet, the East Coast is so beautiful.

When we got to New York, we headed straight for the NBC studios. We sat in on the Conan taping which aired that same night, 4/30/08

Here we are outside of Rockafeller Plaza.

Madison Square Garden, just up the street from our hotel. We were only a block away from Penn Station, and a subway ride away from everything.

What's a trip to New York without Coney Island and Nathan's Famous?

Yankee's vs. Tigers, pretty good seats!! This was part of Mario's wedding gift, along with that sweet jacket he's got on. We were 1 row away from a fly ball too, darn!!

The Statue of Liberty. Apparently if you wanna go inside, you gotta get tickets in advance, bummer. This is as close as we got, but definitly better than nothing. Also, if you wanna go to Ellis Island, don't take the last boat out, cause you're not given the option, double bummer. Kudos to the girl who took this pic, she managed to get the whole thing!

Central Park. We went during the week so it wasn't too crowded. It was so peaceful. Would have been perfect weather for a picnic, but we just paid way too much for a hotdog & Red Bull for Mar. This was one of the only sunny days we saw, and it didn't last long, it was raining a few hours later.

We rented a row boat on a lake in Central Park, very romantic :)

The most depressing part of our trip...This is Station 10, right next to where the twin towers stood. That's Mario in the blue with his back to the camera. There was a fireman there who talked to us about the attack. He was the only survivor from this station who lived to tell that story. Next door here was a 9/11 museum that we went to, they had all kinds of pics, stories, videos, debris, etc. from that day. Crazy to think I was there 12 years before and it was a completly different scene.

This is ground zero. You can kind of make out the new construction they're working on.

On our last night, we saw Mary Poppins on Broadway. Just above my head to the left you can make out the New Amsterdam theatre and the sign for the show. It was definitly a show to see, even Mario was impressed! You haven't seen a show until you go to Broadway. Thanks Mom & Dad for the tixs, worth every penny!
And finally, the New York subway. Equipped with every walk of life, we even saw a rat, lol. Ten million times more complicated than any European station ever, EVER! Just look at the sign to the left of us, lets see if you don't get lost.

As promised there's the pics. Not bad for being disposables. I lost my camera on the flight from Denver to Boston. I know you've already heard it, but I'm gonna keep saying it 'till I get another! I especially need one now to document our times as newlyweds. Anyways, we had fun, hopefully you had fun looking at them, good times had by all :)