Family Pic

Family Pic

Friday, August 29, 2008

For the Record

The pic in the previous post IS real. We really did meet the Senator at a WWII (I think) museum (hence the tank), in London. So for all of you (Richie) thinking I got creative with it, I didn't. Here's another pic with the gang all squeezed in. And in case you don't recognize the fam; from L to R: Mom, Grandpa Lee, me with bad highlights, cousin Kevin, our next Pres, cousin Kristin, and Aunt Peggie.


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

NO WAY!! That makes it even cooler. But seriously, you should at least photoshop in your man - he's feeling way left out.

K&MSilva said...

If only I knew how!!!

Peggie said...

Good Job Kristi,
I like how you managed to squeeze McCain in between all of us. I can't believe you're trying to pull this off on everyone. Your computer skills are pretty good.

Okay, all kidding aside! I have the original if anyone wants a pic. The place where we saw the white-haired dude is the Imperial War Museum in London.

bretandjulie said...

That's a pretty cool picture to have. I think you'd make a great VP!