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Family Pic

Friday, August 29, 2008

Newby Blogger

What a disease this blogging business is. It sucks you in, and it just spreads like crazy, but definitly in a good way, not in a bad disease kinda way. Incase there may be a single person out there who misses my brother, Meg has created a blog for all to see. I know many of you have not met her, but stop by the site and check it out, I'm sure she's love to get to know the family. She just added some cute pics of their little girl Addyson. I'll even make it easy on you, here's the link :)


bretandjulie said...

Very cute site. Just wanted to say thanks for putting Duck Hunt on here. As I was sitting here playing, I couldn't help but notice the giant clock on the side that read "why are you wasting your time dummy?" Okay, so it didn't say that exactly, but I was reminded that I could be doing better things.

Meg said...

Thanks for the free advertisement... i am always looking for more people to add.

Peggie said...

Hi, Me Again,
Just wanted to ditto Julie's comment on the cute blog site. For being a "newby," you are doing a fabulous job. You are very creative. I don't have a blogspot for the Torres family yet and am not sure if I will have in the near future, but it's fun bouncing around and catching up on all the latest.