Family Pic

Family Pic

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lunch at Grandpa Lee's office

I got a hold of a camera! Now everyone gets to see my short hair. I just got a trim yesterday, thanks to my cousin Brandi, aka, Beauty School Drop-out :) It's not long and pretty anymore like all the wedding pics :( Oh well. Here's me & Mar in the conference room pre-lunch. He went to Panda Express with Mom & brought us Panda food, yummy!
Can you tell they didn't want to take a pic? But seriously, how cute are they? Uncle Ben, Aunt Nedra & Mom enjoying lunch, pre-aww heck, or whatever you call that stupid card game.
Paul with his "Magnum" look, whatever that means. He got his little feelings hurt because he doesn't get much air time on his own blog. So he was more than willing to pose when I told him I'd put some up on my blog.
I saved the best for last. Although, he new was behind him sticking out my tongue and he gave me the pic anyways. He must really want his pic on the internet.
That's all. I'm tired & my foot hurts.


The Gage Cage said...

No air time? Probably because of his CRAZY facial expressions. People read my blog....does he think I want to claim him when he looks like that? Actually, the man is out of town a lot lately. He needs to start a blog of his own. He does have his own camera.

You're looking beautiful as ever BTW. With eyes and a smile like yours you can't help but be good matter how long/short your hair is. You are a BABE!

Coronado's said...

is that "working" gage style? BRING OUT THE CARDS!! heheh totally classic. i still think it's cool that they all get along and work together.

i agree with krista, you look awesome. what's with that other guy though, the one making the funky faces? krista, do you know that wacky? ;)

CuriousGeorges said...

Shoot, If we get to play aww heck at lunch, I will fo sho work for the family!

I have loved have my Grandpa Ben here!