Family Pic

Family Pic

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Many thanks to you, Unlce Paul

I've been meaning to put these pics up for all to see, but I just haven't. The longer I live with no camera, the more old pics you're gonna see :) But really, I wanted to post some pics from our wedding ceremony. Since some of you (Julie & Jennifer) wern't there to see it, I thought it would be nice to show some pics, give some special thanks to Uncle Paul. He from the beginning was willing to help Mario & I out, and agreed to marry us. He always made time for us, answered our questions, and spent many hours counseling us on how to be the best married couple we can be. So far, it's working :)

This is us right before the ceremony in the bridal room, he came in to go over the readings with me again before it started. I love this pic, btw, way cute of us.

This below is as it was starting with a prayer

Reading some scriptures, etc

This is when he dropped the ring! Good thing Mario's is made of tungsten, ahhh, good times :)

The vows, I think

Just after he announced us. What's up with the smirk on Mar's face?!

So for those who couldn't make the ceremony, there's some shots of Uncle Paul in action! He did a wonderful job, I must add. Thanks again Uncle Paul, you're awesome!


The Gage Cage said...

BABALICIOUS!You are a BEAUTIFUL girl and you looked AMAZING on your wedding day! I thought Dad did a good job too. I'm glad I was able to go to your wedding. It was so fun! In fact I just posted a pic that was taken there this afternoon on my blog.

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Those photos are them so you can someday show your kids how great you looked!

bretandjulie said...

Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed seeing these pictures. I remember teasing my Dad when he said that he was going to perform the ceremony, saying, "They really don't know anybody else who could do it?" I'm glad he was able to be a part of it, and I never heard about him dropping the ring. You looked absolutely gorgeous! And I'm sure you heard this from my Dad, but "You don't know how lucky you are." (and that goes for Mario too!)