Family Pic

Family Pic

Friday, June 6, 2008

The BEST Day of our Lives!

So I said I would post some pics from the wedding, and technically since there is 5 here it does qualify as pic"s". My goal is to have some other ones up by next year :) The pic on the pier is one of my fave's. It was such perfect weather that day, someone was really lookin after us. We took a chance planning it for April (since it was outside), and it was perfect 80 degree weather.


Pollock Family said...

Love the pictures! I heard (and can obviously see) every one say you looked PERFECT!! And you guys look great together. Good job picking out the right one:)

Coronado's said...

now that i've had you on my "places we stop" sidebar for some time and directed everyone over to your blog, i'm FINALLY commenting myself. i love, love, love the pictures. i'm sad i couldn't make it. woman, you sure are beautiful!

peggie said...

Sorry Cousins! Don't get mad now, but I have to say that Kristi was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen in my life. She looked just like Snow White. The wedding was perfect, even down to Uncle Paul dropping the ring. My favorite part of the sermon was when Uncle Paul read from the Bible........the Gospel according to Paul......I'm very thankful that the bee that was buzzing around didn't make it's way to Grandma Pattie's vicinity. It could have been a total disaster!

Maureen said...

Your wedding pictures are gorgeous! Looks like it was a fantastic day!