Family Pic

Family Pic

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Very Proud Aunt

Since I have no children (thank the Lord!), and do not plan on having any anytime soon (do NOT repeat that to Mar), I have decided to make a proud Aunt blog. I became a first time Auntie on November 28, 2007. Donnie and Meg have a little girl named Addyson. She's totally precious. For those who don't know, they're my neighbors. We live in the same complex, and if I had to guestimate, I'd say we're about 30 steps from each others door. It's cool to have someone you know so close that when you're on your honeymoon you can trust them to keep an eye on your place. Even better when you get back and find out the cops have searched through your home because one day the garage was found open. Something good happens in the neighborhood, and we're not even there to see it!!! Or when someone steals your license plate right off your car & your neighbors saw nothing, hmm. Where were you on that one Richie!! Other than that, they're really good neighbors :) Point of the story, is that Addy is way cute and she gets to visit with Tio Mario and Auntie quite often. Daddy brings her over when she gets fussy at their house. We usually subject her to Guitar Hero, but she loves it. She's gonna be a little punk rocker someday. So here's just a few pics of her. Since my camera has moved from MIA status to never coming home :( I dont have any of my own pics, but Meg sent me these, just for this special occassion (what occassion you ask? I'm blogging, isn't that occassion enough?).
This pic of us was taken right after baby Adds came home from the hospital. If our attire looks familiar than good, you're paying attention!

Here's a 5 generation pic that was taken last month. Addyson, Donnie, Mom, Grandma Pattie & Great Grandma. Crazy!

Here's a pic from Easter, in her pretty dress next to her Easter basket

This is one of my fave pics of her, lookin all cute on the couch.

Last but not least, here's a cute family pic from Addy's first time at the beach (I think), they took her to Pismo. She's all bundled up in pink like daddy. Good job Rich, you look cute too.

Okay, that's my proud moment/blog. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm not sure if mom emails out pics to any of you, so if not, here ya go! Our family is finally growing :)

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Pollock Family said...

She is SO ADORABLE!!! I am glad you're including Addy in the blog... otherwise I wouldn't see her until she's 15 years old:) How lucky you are to enjoy all the sweet moments, and then get to send her back next door to sleep (or not sleep) through the night. I'd be a proud aunt too... wait... I'm pretty sure I was exactly the same proud aunt once before:) I love reading your blog by the way. You make me laugh:)