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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I just need a moment...

Why on Earth does anyone (I don't care who you are) think that they need to drive by my house at 10:15pm and make so much freaking noise. Okay fine, you got a cruiser bike, you're cool, whatever, but lets face it, some people have to work in the morning, myself being included in those "some people." It's like clockwork with this dude, and I don't think he realizes (or maybe he does & he's a rebel) that Sierra's speed limit is not 50mph. He's probably so excited to get off work that he thinks he's exciting everyone else too. Guess what guy, you're not getting me excited, you're really pissin me off!!! I shouldn't blame this whole blog on him, because there's others. There's those people in their muscle cars who think that the intersection of Fresno/Sierra is a race track. I'm not Rich Christensen, and you're not on an episode of Pinks, so knock it off already. There's also those people who have some insane need to listen to their stereo at 1,000 decipels. Their bass is so high if I had pictures on my walls they'd probably break. I know, it's really fun to listen to your music loudly, especially when you've got a sweet system, I'm guilty of it too. But lets face it, I live on this corner, and I don't always want to hear that crap. Turning it down a little isn't gonna hurt anything, especially your image, so for the sake of my sanity, please just stop!!! It's actually quite funny how living in our condo has completely changed our attitude about house hunting. We don't care how cute the house is, if it's on a corner, forget it!! You can't pay me enough to live there. So there is my rant, and thank goodness for blogs. I feel so much better now getting this off my chest. If you "just need a moment" too, feel free to have one in the comments section. Everyone reading this, have a wonderful day!!


The Gage Cage said...

You're officially in the "old" club now. Look at you expecting people to be courteous. What's next...parenthood?=) Maybe try earplugs. I hope you gt some rest!

Pollock Family said...

Ohhhh! Justin and I had neighbors like that... I think for the first 3 years of our marriage. Watch, now when you decide to buy your house someday it will be VERY important to you that you not live near anyone "loud". I can't stand it either. One time there was a fiesta until 2:00am!!! I called the police department 25 times and they wouldn't do a thing. I was MAD! Good luck!