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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What are the Odds

I have been so desperate to post something. I hope I'm not the only one that thought starting a blog would give me something to do. I take that back, I spend way too much of my time thinking of something to post, and most days end up with nothing. Being a newlywed should be exciting, but it's not. Here's a quick list of topics I came up with that ended up not being blog-worthy:

1. Why didn't anyone tell me that getting married guarantee's at least a 10 pound weight gain?
2. I was going to sign up for a soccer league tonight, but now I guess I'm not going to (I'm confused as well).
3. I bought a new book today because i'm uber bored at work. Can we start book sharing on here? I think it'd be cheaper. Anyone in?
4. It's about time Subway decided to have all footlongs $5.
5. I Googled myself today & was excited to find myself more than once on the web. Which leads me to my title, what are the odds.

I actually knew this before today, but I found more proof of her online. Apparently, there is another girl in Fresno whose name is Kristi Buchanan, spelled the same as mine. I figured there may have been more in the US, but right here in my hometown? Come on! I feel some sort of an obligation to meet her and see what else we may have in common. I wonder what she looks like? Do you think she married a Mario too? K probably not. I first learned about her when I was trying to rent a movie at Blockbuster years ago. For some reason they had me in their system, but the address what just a couple digits off. Weird, I never recalled giving them my address at an apartment I didn't live at for long. That's because it wasn't me! I don't know when she lived at that address, but at one point we may have almost been neighbors. Again, at another store, I had the same problem. And just last week Mario called me from his work (St. Agnes) and told me that girl checked into the hospital. Unfortunately, by that time she had already checked out, and he couldn't stalk her for me. So today, I found her on one of those class reunion websites & found out she went to my high school (Bullard), but graduated much before me (in '88 I think). Isn't that crazy, or do I just have too much time on my hands to get excited over nothings? Well, if anyone runs into her, tell her I'm lookin for her!


Pollock Family said...

That's crazy! I've never met anyone else who spells their name like you. I'd be stalking her too:)

Older and Wisor said...

Maybe that 10 pounds is from the baby HA HA HA
And I'd want to meet anyone with my name too. Whenever I meet a "Rebecca" I always have to take a second look to see if she looks anything like me. Totally lame. I already know.

CuriousGeorges said...

LOL! you are too funny! There is another Holly George in Maryland that has a gmail account and get my mail cuz her email is "hollygeorge@gmail" and mine is "hollyLgeorge@gmail". When I registered for our wedding there were 3 Holly Gage women getting married the same day! Crazy! I want to meet all of them!

bretandjulie said...

When I went to my Dr. last week everybody kept asking for my date of birth. It's because he has another Julie Harrison as a patient. What are the chances that there would be another in the same town, both of us be pregnant, and end up using the same doctor? At least I can say he was my doctor first, I've been going there for over 4 years.

The Gage Cage said...

A girl moved into my ward. Her name is Kresta Dawn....mine being Krista Dawn. I know of very few Kristas.. I have never had another Krista in a class of mine or anything. i thought it was pretty crazy that there is only one letter difference in our first and middle names.

The Gage Cage said...

If you want your post to get more exciting.....just give Paul your password. ;-) You won't even have to think about what to post and your life will be full of "adventure".