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Family Pic

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good Bye Dust Mites, Hello Dyson!

Mario has been pleading for a Dyson since we registered for the wedding at Bed, Bath & Beyond. We both suffer from asthma/breathing issues (who doesn't in this Valley?), and he's been trying to convince me for a couple years now that this will help us. He even said he'd vacuum if we got one (riiiiiight!). Lucky for him, we started to notice that our little Hoover just wasn't doing the job for us anymore. Seemed like every time I vacuumed I had to go back over it & pick up everything it missed by hand. And seriously, who has time for that? And, with filters almost $15 a pop, I'm not only wasting my time, but my money too. So I caved. But let's be honest, this Dyson guy sure knows how to make 'em pretty. When it came in, Mario acted like such a kid in a candy shop. He opened it up and put it together first thing. He even vacuumed the bedroom, but don't be fooled, he stoped there. What can I say, I knew it wouldn't last long. I've officially reclaimed my title "Domestic Diva" (as if I ever even really lost it).


Pollock Family said...

So we have a Dyson... love it! I don't know how they make them now, but for Justin and I we were taking the container thing out to dump it. On the way to the trash we both went, "hummm, what's this little red button for?" And whoosh, ALL the dust and junk emptied on the floor. Needless to say we only made that mistake once each and now realize how EASY it is to empty! Congratulations on the new vacuum!

Meg said...

welcome to the dyson family... maybe we can let ours play together and they willmake us a baby root!

Big Momma said...

We have owned our Dyson for 4.5 years now and still love it. We have converted four our friends too. Welcome to the "I Love My Dyson" club! :)

Older and Wisor said...

HA! As I was reading I kept thinking "she just needs a cute little apron now to wear when she uses it." Hel-lo. Already got one.

Tell Mario that there's nothin' sexier than a man vacuuming. Unless it's a man folding laundry.