Family Pic

Family Pic

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Jake!

And Rebecca too, of course!

I can't believe my baby is already 1. It makes me sad, but happy too. This past year has gone by way too fast, I'm thankful I took as many pictures as I did. We have learned so much this past year, especially how to be patient. Well, I have, Mario is still working on that. We're getting there :)
After 1 year he's not only walking but running. He's got 6 cute little teeth, and is finally starting to sleep through the night, in his own crib. He's kind of a little guy, only about 22 pounds or so, but I think he's finally starting to get his growth spurt. He has been eating all day long, the Cheerios all over my floor is proof.
Today we're going to go to Toys R Us, since we still haven't bought a birthday gift yet. This way he can pick something out, or at least point & grunt. The Pocoyo birthday bash is tomorrow, so more pics to come...

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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

The best day of the year to be born!

(and if you count back nine months, it looks like mom & dad had a fun Valentines Day)

Happy Birthday Jake!!