Family Pic

Family Pic

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Cutest Monster

Happy Halloween! Better late than never. Since Jake is my little monster, it was only appropriate to dress him as a monster. At least that's what the costume tag said. It looks more like a dragon with horns.

Jake with cousin Addy

Trying to take her candy

Going to the neighbors house to get candy for Mommy & Daddy :)

Just went to a few houses. Jake had a really good time. I can't believe he actually wore his costume the whole time, but he didn't seem to mind.


Pollock Palooza said...

He is a sweet little horned dragon! And yes Parker (for the most part) sleeps through the night. Does monster boy not?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi its mandy ! I changed my email again and lost yours!
Your "little monther" is getting so big! looks like he had a great time. I was thinking about you and how things were going. take care mama.