Family Pic

Family Pic

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yup, I called that one!

Even though yestesterday was not a surprise, I still had a great bday. Addyson came over in the morning to tell her Auntie Happy Birthday. She's so cute, I love living next door to my siblings & niece :) She's usually more smiley than she was in this pic, but maybe my lack of make-up scared her.

This pic is breakfast at Starbucks, because you really don't have to count calories on your bday. But since I got a glazed donut, I opted for fat free milk in my mocha. By the way, I can't remember having such a warm bday, notice the sun was out & it was only 10am (or so).

After breakfast we played in Riverpark. I went to Old Navy, only to get upset that my usual size "x" jeans wouldn't button, so I got pissed & left. Then we went to Target, I got a new cd & some jammies (last pic). You can never have too many jammie pants for lounging. After that it was time for lunch. Since it was my day, I chose Famous Dave's. I LOVE this place. They have the best bbq food ever! Below is the fam who came out to celebrate with me, thanks, love you guys!

After lunch Mario took me to the mall & I spent way too much time in Macy's. I bought a couple pairs of jeans that are now my new fave's. They were having a sale, plus I brought my coups! I saved quite a bit of money, I was so proud. You can see them in the pic below. I also got a pink thermal hoodie shirt (left) with the blue tank-top to wear under. The white with polka-dots are the jammie pants & the pink to the right is the long sleeve shirt to match. The pink on the bottom left is a wrap around towel that my Aunt Diane bought me & the awesome lepard gloves are another gift from my Aunt Deana & Uncle Doug. Aren't they sexy? Can not wait to rock those!

After we spent way too much time shopping, we got ready & went out to dinner. We had teppanyaki at Sakanaya, say that 3 times fast! I think this is the 3rd bday in a row I've had that for dinner. I love teppan because you never know who you're gonna sit next to. We set next to this highschool couple (not sure if it was a date or not, but a fancy dinner on a Wednesday night? Did their parents approve that?). The girl was telling the boy that her mom just bought the Twilight books & she's really excited to read them. I was holding back from giving her a piece of my mind (in a good way). But thanks to her, since she's the one who took this pic :)
The only reason we didn't go to the movies was because the only showing we could make was the 9:35pm for The Secret Life of Bees and I felt bad cause Mario has to get up at 5am for work, so that wasn't a good idea. Plus, now we have an excuse to go out on another night ;)

Even though my bday was everything but a surprise, and now being another year closer to 30, it was still a great day. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me, and my wonderful hubby who agreed to shop with me for hours & only wanting to buy a few things for himself.


Coronado's said...

eeww, I love Famous Dave's.Super big YAY for finding jeans. That, in and of itself, is a good birthday in my book.

bretandjulie said...

Glad you had a Happy Birthday. You're getting so old!

The Gage Cage said...

I can't believe how long it has been since I've been able to hit read all my favorite blogs! I am so sorry I didn't read this earlier to wish you a happy birthday! Those gloves ROCK! Looks like you had a good birthday. For what it's worth this late in the month....Happy Birthday! Make this year count!