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Monday, October 13, 2008

Seriously, Someone Hire Me!

Why does finding a job right now have to be so difficult? I suppose finding a job is never easy, but WHY NOW?? I've been searching the web for a VERY long time, and have came up unsuccessful. I decided against the Youth Correctional Counselor job with the state because I refuse to live in Stockton, and my only other option, Camarillo (Ventura County) is a little out of the price range, even with the excellent pay. I can not justify renting a 2 bedroom apartment for $1300+ or more, not gonna happen. The price people pay for SoCal. I'm still waiting to hear from Tulare County about the Probation Officer job. Not quite sure how I'm still feeling about that being that Tulare Co EE's are/were on strike, yikes! During my entire college career, I had this idea that getting your degree would just guarantee you a job upon graduation, boy was I wrong. Even with my bachelor's, I still can't find someone to hire me, or pay me what I deserve to be making. Mario & I are thinking about moving somewhere else, although I'm not fully convinced that's the solution. Any suggestions, job offers, or other bits of advice?


The Gage Cage said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! I hope you find something close by!

muchwisor said...

There's lot of room here in Texas!