Family Pic

Family Pic

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our first purchase

Well, besides the Mustang we bought together last year (pre-marriage), we have made our first semi-big purchase as a married couple. We are the new owners of a dining table! I know it sounds boring, but we don't have kids, and this was definitely something for us to get excited about. We have been shopping for a few weeks, maybe even a couple months now for the perfect dining table. Needless to say, we're kinda picky. We had a vision of what we wanted, but had the hardest time finding it. So now we feel like grown-ups furnishing our home, and eventually will have furniture that matches. That day is still too far to see, but we have faith it will come. Besides, have you seen the price of furniture these days? It's not cheap! So here is the table we very excitedly purchased from Cost Plus World Market.
It's a pub table, as if that's not apparent from the pic. I still don't have a digital camera (hint hint), so I stole this from the website. We got the table and 4 chairs to go with it. It seems to be quite a bit darker than how it looks in this picture, but it is a very beautiful color. It's 40" squared, and 42" high. When I stand next to it, it comes up a couple inches above my belly button, and I'm 5'7", so that's pretty sick!! It's so comfy to sit in, and there's plenty of room for 4 people to eat on it. I also found some placemats at Pier 1 to decorate it, and help protect it. They're dark brown bamboo with blue stripes on them, and they're kinda woven together I guess. I also got some royal blue napkins with some pretty bronzie-type napkin rings. Considering I'm not the decorating type, I was proud of myself when I came home & put it all together. It looks very cute, with a bit of an Asian theme. We have a little bamboo stick that we got from a bridal expo here in town that we saved, and Mario put that as a centerpiece for the table. It looks cute with the blue. It helps to complete my green & blue kitchen, thanks to those who got me my kitchen stuff for my shower. Lastly, lets discuss the financial end of it, which just may be the best part of this excursion. The table & chairs cost $600 total. A little pricey, but we were tired of eating standing up (I sold our old table at a yard sale. I couldn't stand to look at it anymore, it was older than me. I normally love '80s things, but this just had to go, it may have well been neon yellow with leg warmers). Then, right before we were going to pick it up, Mario noticed the Entertainment Book we got for free had a $50 off coupon in it. Imagine $550. Then, we have $250 worth of Visa giftcards (1 a wedding gift, and the other 2 rebates from our phones). This brings us to $300. Then, World Market is offering 10% off if you open an account. Mario & I got this table for $273 (plus tax), and we have 3 months to pay it off with no interest. I'm so proud. The extra $3 was for the licorice I bought Richie for letting us borrow the truck. Thanks for sharing :) Lets not leave out that I had another giftcard for Pier 1, and only had to spend $16 and some change buying 8 placemats, 6 napkins, and 4 napkin rings. I'm not sure I've ever felt so good about spending $300 before!!


The Land of D said...

That is ALWAYS a good feeling, to save money AND get something you love! Congrats!I just wish that we could fit our family at a table that size! Lucky newlyweds! Oh and by the way we STILL don't have matching furniture, that might be another reason I am going back to school, to pay for the furiture for the family that won't fit at the awesome table! hehe!

The Gage Cage said...

Sweet Table! Sounds like you took your time and really knew what you were looking for. That's the way to do it. Paul and I had mismatched furniture for a super long time. It's just a phase of life. I'm glad you have a piece of furniture that you can express yourselves with.

Coronado's said...

i LOVE your table. if i'm not mistaken, we have a table made out of the same wood and the same color.... just about 20x bigger to feed the herds! :)