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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm hot, and my Fave show has ended

Back when I was a kid summer was awesome, and I never really noticed how hot it actually was. But now, when I have to hear Doug Collins every morning talk about "record heat" or "extreme heat" it just puts a damper on my day. As if work wern't bad enough right? I'm trying to convince Mario that Alaska would be a great place to live, but he's just not quite buying it yet. Even Washington maybe, does anyone know if Uncle Ben has a spare bedroom? I just wanna go back to the days when I could lounge around, and summer was actually a break. There's no such thing as a break anymore. I gotta work a week just to buy a tank of gas for my gas guzzling beast of a car. But anyways, another crappy part about the summer is there's nothing to watch on tv. We don't have cable, so we're stuck with the basics for now. Last night I went for a walk (I don't know why either) and made it home in time to watch the season finale of Hell's Kitchen. Gordon Ramsey may just well be my mentor (well, almost). Mario & I were lucky to see him on our honeymoon in New York. He was a guest on the Conan O'Brien show that I got us tickets to attend. Back to the point...last night was the finale, it was between Christina & Petrozza. I absolutely love Christina. She's such a doll, and she's 25, just like me. I've been rooting for her this whole time, she's kind of like the underdog. Although, Petrozza was cool too. I felt that for his age & experience he very much deserved something like this in his life. It was a great show, both did very well, but in the end, it was Christina who one it all. I was so happy for her, I'm sure if we knew each other we'd get along so well. As I've been watching this show for a year or two now, it's really been making me think...I wanna be a chef. I wanna make Risoto, and fancy shmancy deserts, and be able to name all the ingredients in whatever it is that i'm eating. I like to cook, and I'm good at what I do, but I'm not versatile. I stick with the basics, and my palet is so over it. I always judge the quality of my creations on whether Chef Ramsey would love it, or spit it out and tell me i suck. So for my birthday/Christmas/whatever occassion present, I want cooking lessons. Would someone mind passing this on to Mario, thanks!

The winner!!!

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Pollock Family said...

Good luck with the cooking lessons! And speaking of filling up your car with gas... we just put in 20 gallons (got a 40 gallon tank) $100! What a waste of money. I think gas should be free!