Family Pic

Family Pic

Friday, October 5, 2012

Jake's Big News

Jake's got his game face on, with good reason.  He's officially gonna be a big brother!  I feel like the look on this pic is priceless.  Maybe he's having a Kennedy moment Liz, like, how dare you do this to me.  Maybe it's just shock.  Whatever it is, he has until late April/early May to figure it out.  Ultrasound says 9w6d, I was hoping for 11 weeks.  Oh well, Jake gets to help mommy puke for 2 more weeks (that's what that video was).


Tad and Jennifer said...

Wooo hooo!!! How fun to be adding to the family. Take good care of yourself and hopefully the puking won't last too much longer.

Pollock Palooza said...

Hahahaha!!! He can get over it or hate his parents for the rest of his life. Our hate mode comes and goes. Today it came, yesterday it was gone;)

me said...

YAY!!!!Congrats to Jake, he has a few months to learn how to potty, and it seems like he has pleanty of time to learn if you are in there all of the time ;)

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

That means you got knocked up right after we left - what magical powers we have :) Congratulations!!!!!