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Family Pic

Friday, February 18, 2011

3 Months Ago...

My little pooper was in here...
In my belly, not the 2nd part of my chin. Although, if you saw me now, you'd probably think I was still pregnant. But thank goodness this post isn't about my weight loss. It's about Jake, who's 3 months old today! I celebrated with a hot fudge sundae, hopefully he'll enjoy it too :)
I never imagined how much life was going to change. In the last 3 months, I have finally learned how to be a mom, and I must say, I'm doing a great job. And child birth, for the record, is MUCH MUCH MUCH worse than everyone says. "Oh it's not that bad" or "you'll forget about it." Yeah right, I still feel the pain. How come no one told me the truth? I think I'd rather get run over by a bus than to go thru that again. We'll see how many siblings Jakey gets.
But anyways, I'm so proud of my little guy. He's already rolling from tummy to back & back to tummy.
When I tell him I love him, he says it back, even if it's only "goooo." He poops & pees in & on everything, and I mean EVERYthing. I do laundry like it's no one's business. He loves our walks when the weather permits & he hardly ever fusses in the bath.
I guess all that makes up for him waking me up every 2 hours at night to eat. So yes Melanie, he's going to co-sleep until that stops.
I wish I had more time to blog, but it's hard with just one hand. But I have been keeping up on everyone, I wish I had more of a chance to comment. BTW, we love our Brown Bear book Rebecca & Holly, the car seat toy is a life saver when he's fussy. 70% of the time, it works every time!!
Until next time, Happy 3 Months Jake! Mommy & Daddy love you!


H+B Jackson said...

i am so glad! that 70% is so worth it!!! Its like you can breathe again when they calm down.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I KNOW it wasn't *me* who would've said "It's not that bad." Nope. Part of the reason I bawled when I found out I was pregnant the 5th time is because I JUST COULDN'T GO THROUGH ONE MORE LABOR AGAIN.

Hayden came c-section. The moral is: be careful what you pray for.

I know I've said it before, but It's true more than ever : HE'S SO STINKIN' ADORABLE!! Hang in there....6 months old (or as soon as they can sit up in a shopping cart) is like SWEET FREEDOM!

Pollock Palooza said...

Well now I feel bad because I'm sure I said it wasn't that bad. Dang! A few more months and hopefully you'll be starting to sleep through the night like a normal person... or is there any normal ever again? Maybe not.

He is SUCH a CUTIE!!! (too bad he looks like his dad, ha!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi it's your old buddy Mandy, Congrats to you and Mario! He is beautiful. How have you been girlie it's been awhile. I still have the same email I would love to hear from you. Hope everything is goin ggood take care mama!