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Family Pic

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sushi 101

I'm back! After a long & much needed hiatus.
For my BIG 27th bday (back in October), Donnie, Meg & Addy bought me a sushi making kit. Cause I'm sort of a fiend, and I love to cook & try new things. I guess sushi doesn't really fall in the "cook" category, but it's definitely a "new thing".
First you start with the ingredients:
vinegar's, sushi rice, dried seaweed, etc.
Next you cook the sushi rice, put it in a bowl, and fan it with a Mexican fan (please ignore the grapes).
Chop up some crap meat (imitation if you're cheap like me), English cucumbers (no seeds or skin), and fresh avocado. Don't forget to make yourself some miso soup either.
Next, you take some seaweed, lay it on the rolling bamboo mat, and firmly press the sushi rice into the 'weed. May get sticky, so use some vinegar.
Once you've got a nice even coat of rice, place 'weed rice side down on a damp cloth. Fill it with your fave fixin's (crab, cuc's & avo's) & roll 'er up!
Just to prove who made 'em, there I am :)
The finished product! Not bad if I say so myself. Definitely have a long way to go if I want a career in the sushi making/rolling biz, but good enough for the Silva's.
As far as the taste...well, I will be using real crab next time. Aragato!


bretandjulie said...

I don't like seafood, so I won't be doing crab meat, but "crap meat" doesn't sound any better to me. But Bret would love your sushi!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I'm a loser....I've never had sushi. I have had tuna out of the can - does that count??

Meg said...

I am so happy you liked it!!! I'm not saying I want to come over and eat any... but I knew you would love it!