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Family Pic

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Alive, Just Boring

I realized I haven't posted in weeks, and came to the conclusion that I have been boringly busy. In the past few weeks we have looked at way too many houses, watched way too much tv, and have been getting Mario ready for school that started this last Monday.

To start off, I'm getting really frustrated with the housing market right now. And I'm so over people saying the houses are "cheap." Houses are not cheap. Just because they're not $300k+ like they were, it does not make them cheap. It seems like the minute I find a house listed online, it's already gone, or it's over priced, or too much work even for Rebecca to do. I'm not sure if anyone else is looking for a house right now, but I hope you're not as frustrated as we are!

Next subject; television. I so heart television! It's sorta like my therapy from a horrific day of work. I have my whole week planned out, so don't bug me after 8pm please. I have Hell's Kitchen, More to Love & Wipeout, some of the best. Let's not forget SVU, which I get to catch re-runs of on Sat's. That show makes me cringe, Dick Wolf is a sick individual. But he has the mind of a genius. Has anyone been watching More to Love? The Bachelor spin-off? I like to classify it as a train wreck. It almost hurts to watch, but something just won’t let me change the channel. Maybe it’s the fat girl inside me that feels for these women, but I see this ending in more tears than MJ’s funeral (was that mean?). It seems like they picked the most depressed “plus sized” girls to be on this show, very heartbreaking.

As for Mario, he started back at Fresno City on Monday doing the Pharmacy Tech program. I’m so proud J It’s a 4 ½ month program, so he’ll be done in December. This officially means I will be permanently attached to my couch on Monday’s & Wednesday’s from 6-10pm. Well, except when I need to get more ice cream. Yum-O!


Older and Wisor said...

Oh believe me - we've seen houses that I would love to get at, but then would go home and figure out how much all of that would cost, and figured it would be better to UP our budget $50k than to dump that much into it(which would be coming from where? The money tree?).

Congrats to Mario! I had thought about Pharm Tech at one time but you know what most of that job is? MATH. I hate math. 4 1/2 months isn't bad - especially if there are good sows on, right? (I wouldn't know....we haven't had tv for months...)

Big Momma said...

I agree, house hunting sucks! We can't move until I'm done with school, but I can vividly recall the days when we bought the house we're in now. Aside from one other aspect of life (I'll email you later) that was one of the most emotionally difficult times for me.

Yay for Mario going back to school. Man, I wish I would be done in 4.5 months. *jealous*

Pollock Palooza said...

Thank you! When Justin and I were looking last year EVERYTHING we found was gone the minute we put an offer in. We were turned down lots. And even with "cheap" houses, we were outbid. One time we were out bid by $75,000!!! Are you kidding me?!! We can't afford that much over any asking price. Good luck!