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Family Pic

Friday, March 13, 2009

Told You It Wasn't My Day

Otherwise titled, "The Reason You Don't Play Soccer With Pro's". If I didn't mention it before, our team captain signed us (mostly all beginners) up to play soccer on the most advanced league. We're still not sure what he was thinking, perhaps he just wasn't. Long story short, I came up on a player from the other team & we both kicked the ball at the same time. This team was not messin around, and I'm pretty sure they're all made of steel. Well, I broke my big toe. OUCHIES!! Of course it was the big toe on the foot I had surgery on a few months ago, of course. And of course the doctor can't see me until Monday. I guess I have a date with Vicodin today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Hopefully this means I don't have to do my chores :) This better not be my sign to quit, cause I'm not ready for that yet, I just got back in the game! And hopefully my Doc won't yell at me on Monday. After all, he never said I couldn't play soccer :) With me luck!


Wilkinson said...

you and your big feet ; ) Hope your not in to much pain. Get well and go kick some ass at soccer!

Older and Wisor said...

I was just thinking, "Didn't you just have surgery??" Thank goodness for narcotic stashes. And silly girl - soccer's for boys.