Family Pic

Family Pic

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fall Family Pics

We did our family pics back in November with Gwen & as per usual, they are fantastic. It's the perfect time, Jake's bday, Lexi's half bday, and a family shot for the Christmas card.  Here's all the pics.  For the family, feel free to leave me a comment with which ones you want & what size.  Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lexi Marie

Almost two months late, but that's how I roll these days.  This is our precious little girl, born 10 days late, after induction.  Which turned out to be a fairly smooth process, thankfully (I was terrified). 

She was born May 14 at 6:02pm, 7lbs 14oz & 20 1/2 inches.  Same exact size as Jake, who was 2 days early. 
So far she has been a great baby.  Doesn't fuss too much, all considered.  Jake loves her, almost a little too much sometimes, it gets scary.
This has been our lives for the past couple months...
I really wish I could be better about blogging, but it's so hard, as I'm sure you all know.  Jake doesn't like me devoting any time to anything that doesn't involve him.  He's spoiled. 
We took him to Pismo for the first time while Mario was taking his baby bonding time, and although he has been to the ocean, he has actually never played in the sand, so this was a very fun first for him.  Daddy buried him in the sand, he loved it!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's A ....

We found out a little on the early side, but all signs point to girl!  We took Jake to the ultrasound so he could see the baby, but he probably could have cared less.  Half the time when we ask him if he's excited about the baby he says no, the other half yes.  I guess that's a 2 year old for you.  Everything looks great, and baby was very active, just like her big brother was.  So happy to be adding a girl to the family!  Due date is May 4.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Jake's Big News

Jake's got his game face on, with good reason.  He's officially gonna be a big brother!  I feel like the look on this pic is priceless.  Maybe he's having a Kennedy moment Liz, like, how dare you do this to me.  Maybe it's just shock.  Whatever it is, he has until late April/early May to figure it out.  Ultrasound says 9w6d, I was hoping for 11 weeks.  Oh well, Jake gets to help mommy puke for 2 more weeks (that's what that video was).

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Mommy Does

If only he would go potty in it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some Things Are Just Too Cute Not To Share

Like my child, of course.  Jake loves (has always loved) anything animal.  Pictures, real ones, on tv, doesn't matter, he doesn't discriminate.  We are currently working on animal sounds, enjoy!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Visiting with the Pooley's

We just got home from a fun weekend in Santa Rosa visiting with Angela, Charlie & Baby Doran.  What I still haven't posted was the trip they made to Fresno in June.  So today, you get a 2-fer. 
First up is the trip they made to Fresno.  Doran was almost 8 months old, Jake 19 months.  We brought out all of Jake's little toys, which was tons of fun all over again.

  Other than the time Jake met Doran when he was only a few days old, all Jake knew of his new cousin was just in pictures.  It was so awesome when they finally got to meet again.  Jake played so well with Doran, and shared all of his toys.  He was such a good, well behaved boy.  I was so proud!  Doran was a good sport about everything too.  He was/is such a good baby. 
Of course a visit with Angela isn't complete without some 'smores.  Again, in the bbq.
Mommies with the boys
Daddies with the boys

We also made time for a trip to Woodward Park so the boys could see the ducks.  Before Jake could walk he loved to feed the ducks, but now it's a bit terrifying for him knowing they are bigger than him, and like to charge when bread is involved.

And a couple of cute family pics.

Since, we always have such a great time with Angela & Charlie, and now Doran, we decided to schedule a trip to see them.  We picked a great time considering the heat in Fresno was killer.  This time Doran is 9 1/2 months, and very active.  He has a walker that he jams in, and we brought Jake's ride-on car (although he loved Doran's ride-on plane).  It was so cute watching them chase each other, and having so much fun.

We also went to a place called Train Town in Sonoma.  It's a bit like Playland here in Fresno.  We went on a train that stopped at a petting zoo and miniature town.
 Sitting in the miniature train

 This is the little jail inside the little town

Jake's first Ferris wheel!  I worried getting him on, but it was nothin' to him, show off.
Back at the ranch, Jake was working on a new friend, Baxster.  Jake is obsessed with all things dog.  We still aren't getting one.  No way.  So he likes to mooch off everyone elses.  Baxster was really good with him, even when Jake wanted to ride him.

 The girls and our boys.
I'm already looking forward to our next visit together, whenever that will be.  Jake and Doran are gonna be besties, I can already tell.  It's so nice to have him around other little ones.  He has grown so much lately just from being around others.  I'm so proud of the little well-behaved monster he has become!